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Mission Statement

Masters Coaching offers opportunities for rowers to improve their technique, receive positive individual coaching, gain confidence as well as tools to build on success, in a safe and fun environment.

Masters Coaching provides a model for the very best of competitive rowing. Masters Coaching endeavors to provide a nurturing culture and climate that encourages and empowers each athlete to be the best she can be - as an individual rower as well as a team member. The strength of Masters Coaching is in its rowers; and while the logical outcome and goal of Masters Coaching is winning, we also strive for belief in self and trust in teammates.

What is Masters Coaching?

Masters Coaching runs sweep rowing clinics throughout the year. These clinics are three and four-day intensive experiences. Rowers row two times per day, with video review of the morning practice between sessions. Each session focuses on a different aspect of the stroke, or how the crew works together. These clinics are hosted by rowing clubs all across the country.


When Mayrene coached at MIT, she encouraged her athletes to learn from as many sources as possible. She thought this not only improved the individual athlete, but the ideas, skills and drills the athlete brought back and shared with the rest of the team were priceless.


Mayrene makes it clear to the participants that what they learn at the clinics is simply another way of looking at the rowing stroke. She reinforces when you go back to your club, you row the way your coach wants you to row, with new information and experience.


Our rowers have earned a reputation for success on race courses around the world. 


Masters Coaching has so much more to give an individual than rowing. Though the level of coaching is top rate and I am always stretched to learn new skills, I have also made friendships across the country,  that are lasting. These friendships constitute a special group of women who want each other to succeed... to be their best as athletes. We have similar goals and aspirations. We help each other improve and succeed.

Jeannie Watson

Weston, MA

Thank you Masters Coaching!  I have been to nine Masters Coaching camps over the past three years, and can hardly wait for the next one. What could be better than spending time getting to know committed rowers from around the country, receiving top notch coaching and experiencing some of the best rowing ever?  My rowing took a big leap forward thanks to Mayrene and Chelsea’s perceptive coaching, and it has given me greater confidence as a rower.   The camaraderie and support of Masters Coaching rowers for one other is remarkable and unique.  We make each other better!

Nancy Jarvis

Madison, WI

Thank you all for the fun this winter! I never would have thought that "fun" and "erg" could go together, but it did. It was a great way to get going in the morning.



The FIRST time I went to one of Mayrene’s camps, I came back to my home club and my coach said “She fixed your shoulders!” After the 2nd time, I made the ‘A’ boat (completely attribute this to her help).
Mayrene has an uncanny knack for finding exactly the piece each of us needs for the puzzle. Then, by the end of camp, the boat has blended into an amazingly together crew.
The camps are FUN, and I’ve made many lasting friendships and rowing connections.

Cathy H

Corvallis, OR

Mayrene has an uncanny knack for seeing the details of each rower's technique that need to change. She is able to find the right words of explanation that make sense to each individual. I learn something completely new at each camp I attend, and deepen my understanding of past "breakthroughs". The changes develop improvements that grow over the next months to the point where I marvel at how far I have come by the next year ( having thought I was doing all right previously!). Besides the rowing, these camps are a blast. It is really fun to get to know other intent rowers from around the country and share a boat.

Cathy Holdorf

Corvallis, OR

Mayrene Earle is the most accepting, encouraging and positive coach I have ever had the privilege of being around. (I was a physical education major and teacher, so I've seen quite a few.) She coaches each person individually, seeing minute little things to improve that give big results. The drills worked on each part of the stroke until we put it all together and it resulted in a long, easy stroke that worked beautifully and really moved the boat. We came together as a crew! . . . I will attend Mayrene Earle's clinics whenever I can.

Carolyn Pope

Lemon Bay Crew, Sarasota, FL

My coach said she could not believe how much I improved [at camp]. The camp by far has been the best thing I have ever experienced! It was so nice to be around people who had so much positive energy and zest for life. I can't even put into words how much I learned. . . . I felt like I was ready for the Olympics!

Megan S.


I've rowed for a number of years under various coaches whom I considered to be very good. These few days at camp really answered lingering questions about how to accomplish what I wanted as far as technique is concerned.

Barbara Smith

Martha's Moms, WA

We did our 4 x 2k's in shifts today, and some of the guys (fairly big rowing kahunas) were watching and pointing at me . . . while I was doing mine. After our workout they told me I had the best shoulder movement, opening at the catch, and upper body-arm-hand timing, and [they said], 'Who the hell taught you that?' So I told them . . . about the Great and Awesome coach Mayrene Earle, who can fix your stroke in 3 OTW sessions!

Mary Wynne-Wynter

Cambridge, Mass.

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